Lou's Grill, 2852 GLADYS AVE, Abbotsford Babich

Lou's Grill

2852 GLADYS AVE, Abbotsford, BC

(604) 855-8777

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Lou's Grill

Lou's Grill is a Bar & Grill serving the Abbotsford community for over 22 years! Open Late Night last call for Kitchen and Bar is at 1:00 AM! Excellent Food Features! Bar None Best Drink Specials! Abbey's finest and busiest go to eateries!

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Restaurant rating: 4.6 out of 5 with 224 ratings
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FETTUCCINI - Pacific wild 
sockeye salmon filet, jumbo 
prrawns, scallops, shrimp, 
atlantic mussels, cajun cream 
sauce, crisp capers, reggiano 
parmesan, garlic toast
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near V2S 3Y2

Lou's Grill is People's Choice, 2016 winner

Lou's Grill is ranked #2 of 33 nearby Restaurants.

They say Lou's Grill is great, positive, certified a top notch Bar & Grill Restaurant